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Problems with earnings and withdraws

I went to go check the earnings page to see what I can withdraw and on the 13th I get some money but it still says pending clearance.

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Yeah. Sometimes, it can be + or - a couple of days.


That does not make sense.

It’s not yet 10 am according to your location, so still 14 hours of the 13th to go. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait so it has to be 10 am?

No - there’s still 14 hours of the day of the 13th left. :wink:

The 13th finishes at different times all around the world, so for you it might the 14th, where it might still be the 13th somewhere else.

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Probably not. But, unfortunately, that’s how it is. So far, I’ve only experienced a delay of a couple of hours past the end of the day of the deadline (12 am; probably has to do with time-zones?).

But I have read posts from other sellers that said it could sometimes be delayed by a couple of days.


Ah thanks guys for making that clear :slight_smile: So I usually have to wait a day more?


Actually I probally have to wait only like a few hours more :smile:

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