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Problems with Fiverr "Tests Taken" list

Hello, everyone;

Today, when I logged in to my Fiverr profile, it happened that on my “tests taken” list, which had more than 10 tests I took on the site, there are only 4, and I took more than 10 tests to check my skills in what I do.

Also, when I want to retake the tests, I get the same error message: “Invalid test ID”, so I can’t even retake the tests. It only allows me to take back the 4 tests that appear in my profile. There is an image attached so you can see what is happening to me when I try to take back the same tests that Fiverr deleted from my profile:

Has anyone else had this problem?

And it worries me because I took more than 10 tests and today I find that all the others I took have been eliminated for no reason.

I have to say that I have not done anything wrong and I have never infringed Fiverr’s rules. I guess this is a bug in the site, although I would like to read your comments.

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I didn´t read that post until now