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Problems with fiverr

Hello fiverr’ers!

Im a newbie here, well I signed up in December but havent used this site really at all as I dont understand it, maybe someone can help!

I received my first order and its a custom one (which is great, but Im also confused) I started to draw up some ideas for the client, and they loved what I came up with. But what Im not understanding is the custom order bit. It says “custom order request” and when I click on it, there is a button that says “create an offer”. But why would I want to create an offer if the client has requested a custom offer? Do I have to click that button and fill in exactly what the client wrote in there custom order?
Also why is there no banking info to set up on this site? How does one get paid in the end?
I use Upwork more, and they have all that laid out on your profile page, makes it quite easy. This is just confusing!
So any and all help would be great, thanks fiverr’ers!


Yes, if the potential client sends a “custom offer request,” they are asking you to make a custom offer for them. You have to create your own with the information they used or what you actually charge for the task they ask for.

I believe the only payment systems are PayPal and Payoneer right now? That would be in the TOS, of course.

Thanks for the help, but whats TOS?

Is it only Paypal or Payoneer?