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Problems with making sales

Hello I already set up my profile the best way possible. But still I don’t know why the buyers are not coming. Please someone should help on this. I have waited long enough. I am hungry for jobs. I don’t mind if anyone wants to recommend me please. Thanks.

You’ve made several posts on the same topic. This is called spam. Relax.

Hey, instead of asking the same question repeatedly, you must utilize your time for Good marketing, and hard work.

If you’re expecting success for free, then you will likely be disappointed. Being successful on Fiverr, and earning sales takes constant work. You need to take responsibility for your own success, promote your gigs, present yourself professionally, etc. The only person who can bring you success is you. Work hard, set goals, and achieve those goals

5 posts in a row at the top of this section from 5 different sellers all asking the same question.

In your profile, you are referring to yourself in the third person and call yourself an “it”. I think that might be a bit offsetting to people shopping for English proofreading gigs.

Thank you for quoting me. Although, if you’re going to copy and paste what I wrote elsewhere, I would prefer that you credit me for my own words, rather than passing posting them as if they are your own.