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Problems With My Gig

I posted my gig two days ago and I haven’t been able to get it working since. It’s taken a day for the video to process which for some reason I do not understand it’s been rejected even though it’s BELOW one minute and doesn’t contain anything that is copyrighted. Besides that, it says my gig needs to be edited because it isn’t in the right category but what other category could it be for? It’s changing photos so I put it to graphics and design and the sub category Photoshop though I suppose it is possible it was changed by accident and I didn’t notice. What’s going on? I’ve edited it and now it’s in review so I got to wait if I need to edit it again which would be stupid.

Edit: I forget to say it mentioned I got irrelevant traffic. I had ONE viewer the entire time it has been up how can you call that traffic?!

Well since your gig is currently in review – I can’t make a comment and check it out.

I don’t really know what could be the cause of this if it isn’t anything that’s copyrighted and you’ve placed it in the right category.

Have you tried talking to Customer Support? They usually explain stuff and perhaps you’ll get some light into the matter…

It’s out of review now so I can edit it but it still says the same thing. Once again, the video is denied and it says it’s in the wrong category but what other category would it be in? SIGH. And no, I haven’t talked to Customer Support yet, I’m new and couldn’t find how to send them a message, all I found was their FAQ.

I’ve changed the sub category to other and tried to remove the video but there was no option or if there is suppose to be, the big orange notice about needing to change it messes it up to make things difficult to find. It’s really big, unnecessarily so. If customer support doesn’t help, I will probably have to remake it. Also, I found out that the reason they rejected my video is because it’s not of me, it’s a slideshow which makes sense for the gig and shouldn’t always have to be the person who made the gig, it’s a huge determent to being able to properly give an example of your work.

Oh I see. I can’t see your gigs right now so I don’t really know what more to say. I believe Customer Support will only be the one to really give you a concrete answer on how to fix this.

Here’s the link:

Well, it’s up and getting views now though not how I wanted. :l