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Problems with my gigs


Hi there,

I’ve had a few problems with my gigs. I’ll just cut straight to the point:

First problem:
My magazine gig seems to have two different prices if viewed from my profile, can I fix this somehow, or any ideas what caused it so it doesn’t happen again? It’s the magazine one on my profile (only 3 gigs there in total)

Second problem:
After my first two sales, the later ones haven’t added their watermarked image to my gigs. There’s no option to manually add them that I can see, and I did pick an image to display on completion. What’s up with this? Can I get them up there somehow or is this totally broken?

Lastly, if this stuff is broken for me, and I contacted support about it, would they go and do something like just reset these gigs resulting in my losing my reviews?


Hi there!

I think everything’s fine with your gigs - the best seller one is showing a different price because that’s been your most popular total price for your gig.

When you say watermarked images, are you meaning the images which can be added to your live portfolio? They’ll only be added if your buyer also agrees to them being added to your portfolio, which some buyers may not want to do.

No need to reset anything or ask CS for help, IMO.

Hope this helps!


Hi Lucelia,

The two prices on your profile is what offlinehelpers here above saying. There is nothing wrong with your gigs. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:



Ah alright, wasn’t aware of any of that. I did mean the images that can be added to your live portfolio.

Thanks a lot, that really cleared it up :slight_smile: