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Problems with ordering (can't get past the 'requirements' page)


(I’m a buyer)
Hi, today I have problems with ordering gigs - on the page where I should enter info for the seller to start the gig, when I attach file (for translation, for example), select appropriate industry and hit Start Order button, some elements on the page get stuck in infinite reloading and I can’t get past the initial page. Take a look at the screenshot:

This happened twice, on two different gigs, today. My credits are already taken (when creating the order), so I have no other option but to star the dispute with sellers, although it’s not their fault. Did anyone experience anything similar?
Note: I’m on Fiverr for quite a long time, as a buyer, and I double checked that I’ve attached all appropriate info. I don’t believe that it’s my mistake here. This has never happened to me before.


Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?
If this problem still persists, you can contact Fiverr Customer Support and they will surely help you.
I would suggest you first get this resolved from Fiverr CS before cancelling your orders.


Hi, thanks for the answer. I have contacted the Customer Support and it seems that the issue is on Fiverr’s side (I’m not the only one affected), and they’re working on it. Thanks again.


Yes I just realized that your post is only 18 minutes minutes old.
You are correct, from last hour or so even I’m not able to deliver my orders and other users are also not able to message their clients.
Hopefully Fiverr will fix this soon.


Facing same issue.
I am also waiting for one order requirements.


I managed to deliver an order two minutes ago, maybe the issue is fixed?


You’re right! It seems that things are working again…