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Problems with orders, how to deal

I had a person ask me to do a script of 1500 words for $10, I told him no problem as I am trying to build on Fiverr. I went above and beyond, script was closer to 2000 words, he kept changing the script and in the end only gave me a 4 star rating. Now I have a guy asking me to record commercials for no extra charge. He has changed scripts, asked for revisions over and over, even revisions I have all ready done 3 days prior. He told me he never even listened to the revision. I am at the end of my rope, what can I do? I have done far more then was requested and I just want the order closed and get the measly $10. To top it off I told him I am dealing with tonsillitis and I need to take a break and he submits a 900 word order that I had to cancel which shows up on my evaluation! How do I fix all these messes?


Unfortunately you made a lot of crucial errors here. Most people do one or two, but you have one after another.
We can’t do anything at this point so I will just give my recommendation for the future.

If this is the price you are comfortable working for, then OK. But to make sure you do not get these extra work you have to do for free, make a statement in your requirements for the order that this price basic one includes delivery without revisions, every revision or modification is charged extra and if they want more freedom they should order the premium package or add extra to order.

This is not bad. Not perfect, but not bad.

And you need to prevent this for direct orders by adding order requirements and in custom offers by clearly stating what is included in the offer and what not.

Put your services on hold (pause them) when you are sick, or increase prices drastically.

I had 3 cancelations all clients fault, and I am at 90% so I know how stressful it is.

Put your services on hold until you are healthy again. Change your GIG description, add client brief in PDF portfolio section, add video, add order requirements so order doesn’t start without him typing something.