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Problems with paying out when under 18, need help

I’m under 18 and I’m making pretty good money on Fiverr, my main concern is how I’m getting paid at the moment and how It works with taxes

The money goes from my Fiverr account to my mothers PayPal because I’m not yet old enough to have my own
Then from my mothers PayPal to her bank
Then finally she transfers it to my bank

The reason I’m concerned is that I don’t know who pays the taxes on the money, all though it’s my money, since it goes to her PayPal and bank account first I think she’d probably have to pay the tax on it, and neither of us wants that. So is there a way around this (I’m hoping for a way of transferring it straight to my bank without anyone in between, but that doesn’t seem possible from my research). any advice is appreciated, thank you. (I’m UK if that helps)


The simple solution is you pay her back for any taxes incurred. Cover the cost.

Otherwise, you could wait until you turn 18, then you can easily open your own account before transferring any money out.


Hi, thank you for your reply.
I quite like the idea of just keeping all the money in my account till I’m 18, but is that allowed, does Fiverr keep the money in my account for that long, and is that even legal?

I haven’t withdrawn anything in over a year.

Do you know how banks work? Overly-Simplified: They don’t actually keep the money you deposit on-hand. They loan and invest it.

Now, I’m NOT saying Fiverr is a bank, but they do work with some bank out there that holds all the money in escrow (escrow is, very-overly-simplified, like a cashier at a store: the money in the till isn’t theirs, but they have a responsibility to take care of it for the store and customers). The bank that works with Fiverr, is perfectly happy doing bank things with the money in holding.

I’m rambling…
TLDR: No it’s not illegal, it’s economics and logistics.

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Thank you so much, very helpful :slight_smile:

You can have your own PayPal account. You would just need your parents (mother) to be on it with you. That way, you could transfer your funds to your own PayPal, avoiding all the tax issues you may face if you make enough on Fiverr where you need to file.


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