Problems with payment


Am I the only one who has not been able to pay for the gig with credit card?
can’t proceed to checkout at all
Anyone has had the same problem ?


HI, I have the same problem, i tried with 4 different credit cards, 2 different web browser and on the app and it doesn’t work, same with paypal


Hi, I have the same problem now. Am I the only one ? Thx


Fiverr is constantly updating, it could be a update issue, if the issue still persists contact the fvr support via opening a ticket.

Best of luck.


The problem has reappeared. Cannot complete the order via Credit Card on any computer or browser. When I tried PayPal I get an orange banner saying you already paid for this gig but it does not redirect me to PayPal to login and complete the order like it does on other sites. The order does not appear on my payments page nor under my orders list. Is Fiverr aware of this? Are others having the same issue? This is only my third order. The other two went through okay a few days ago. Help needed.


Yes I have tried to pay 6 times and always getting an error message even with PayPal and it’s like customer support is only via email and I’m like wtf


I have the same problem


@support team for God sake look at this, you are losing money and making us sellers lose money aswell, I am not being able to sell unless buyers tells me is having this problem and I have to create a custom order, otherwise I is not possible to sell.

THanks in advance


Why all lvl 2 sellers are defending Fiverr? It is like if they are all running political campaigns to achieve the "rockstar lvl"you could also get affected, I have not been able to sell, all I can sell is through custom order, instead of defending Fiverr you could also stand for the community, no offense but they are not going to give you the 20% back they are taking from you for not doing their job, which is to make sure everything is fine.


Anyone else having trouble with payments today? I’m trying to order a service since yesterday with multiple payment methods and different cards. Nothing seems to work. For contact the support I’m required to give an order number but I do not have it until I actually make the order, so it is pretty useless. @support help please!


at first i couldn’t make the payment using debit/credit cards, after the amount has been debited from my credit card, but the order was not placed, what is the solution for this, will the amount can be reversed?
how to contact fiverr admin for this issue?
pls anyone guide me?


Hi, please contact Customer Support, here is a link:


thanks for the reply miila


I am having this same issue. I have reached out to Fiverr support, but they have not been able to resolve the issue so far.


Been having the same issue for past 2 days


for 2 days i cant paid what i wanted to order, please help us fiverr

No token passed


I was charged three times for the same order.

Be careful, if the payment by credit card failed please don’t try again because the payment might have been successfull.

In my case it said each time payment failed but my credit card was charged.


Hi guys,

I want to update you on how I didn’t receive any support from the Fiverr customer service, I received a useless email from Sam of the customer service asking me for my 3 Paypal transactions ID and he said that the error is because of my bank.

I saw many people got this problems, so far I have 0 refund and a customer service that is not reading what I wrote.

I mentioned that I tried to pay twice using the credit card method but I got a message saying the transaction has failed please try again.
Afterwards I tried to pay with my credit card using the Paypal method and it worked.

Now the Fiverr customer service is asking for 3 transactions ID… how can I get them.
And they said that it’s because of my bank the payment has failed.

In the meantime I still have my 3 payments charged by Fiverr.


Yep, two days now…can’t pay for a gig. Nice. the credit card expiration month and year won’t show. I select “April” for example…but then the field is nothing but pure white. Same with year. Costing people who knows how much business. I’ll have to go elsewhere.


This is happened to me yesterday. But I only used my credit card and not paypal.

Does anyone have a workaround?