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Problems with payment

Apparently, it’s not just me. This is ridiculous! Last week it charged my card 6 times but I couldn’t see the numbers. When I go to the payment screen I can’t see the numbers. Today I see the problem is still there but this time I’m smart enough not to put my card number in. This is madness that this has been a problem for a while. I’ve tried on Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer and it’s the same problem.
They are NOT fixing the problem and this means lots of folks on Fiverr are losing money. Which means they Fiverr is losing money.
This problem needs to be fixed ASAP!!!

Same problem I’m having.

OMG! SAME last week with me after I got 6 credit card transactions and reached out to customer service. She gave me some lame ass excuse even though I sent her screen shots. Their customer support is HORRIBLE!!!

hey everyone I’m not able to do any payment i try with 4 visa cards and i don’t know how to pay via Paypal please help !!

Too bad. I can’t pay neither with credit cards nor paypal. I tried with 4 cards from 3 different banks, 3 different browsers, 3 different computers with 3 different IP address… and all were rejected. I checked with all the three banks and all said that I have no problem with my cards. I even tried to charge one of my cards on Amazon and bought something that I don’t need, it gone through without any problem. What happen here with Fiverr?

I have the same problem with paypall…yeah and i contacted the support but they where of no help…

i have the same problem with paypal.

This happened to me 3 times… 6 days ago. Did it again 3 days ago… And 3rd time today.

The real priblem is… The first payment i did, was refunded back to my card… The 2nd and 3rd transaction… Not yet.

I was talking to csr at fiverr and he said… Money will be refunded is 3 to 5 days… But i guess they do not understand the issue here… If i keep receiving this error on paying… Then i wont be able to buy any gig right!!! So… Other than fiverr is giving peole hard time talking to csr for refunds or issues like this… They are also loosing customers…

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You need to use an international debit card to pay on fiverr or any international site.
Same with PayPal, You need to link an international credit/debit card to pay internationaly.

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I’m Joel from Malaysia. I tried 3 different cards from two different banks. Failed. This was despite the fact that those transactions were approved by the banks (i got the sms notifications from bank into my mobile). But the banks said these payment sums were not picked up by

Then i tried paypal. Same issue. Cannot transact! I feel so embarrassed and frustrated.

Fiverr part? kept asking me to check with bank.

The banks even could give me the approval code beginning with Txxxxxxx

Gosh!!! I dont know what to do next

Hi Joel, I fear the only thing you can do is to update your support ticket with the info your bank gave you.

Hope it gets solved soon, I had an issue like that not with Fiverr but another website. I just couldn’t pay, just on that one site, even though it shouldn’t have been a problem, was really frustrating, so I get you.

Is anyone else having problems with the payment system

It might be wise to start a new topic about this, rather than digging up a three-year-old post on the subject.

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Me too having same problem. Tried with 2 cards and PayPal. Failed. Horrible. Any solution??

Please contact with support team

You are replying on 3 years old threads . The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.If you need you can create your own topic .

Contact Fiverr CS to fix the problem …

You can contact CS through this link .