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Problems with paypall payment. PLEASE HELP ME!

Good morning, my nonbre is John Ander Forero, Colombian editor. I ask the favor of one of you to guide me.

It turns out that for more than 10 days that the company paid me for the order that made me. It was a mess to complete the order, but we succeeded, since last Thursday I appear “Order Completed”. However, and although the email I have registered has an associated Paypall account, the Fiverr system does not allow me the option to make the transfer. You can see it in the first image attached.

Can someone please tell me how to enable that paypall to get my money? Thank you!

Hi there,

I think the funds are still not cleared.

I read in fiverr policy that it takes 13 days for clearance after completion.


13 days ?? But in a forum I saw on Fiverr a few weeks ago said that for the first three days, not thirteen :C

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Yeah that’s 2 weeks for clearing. You’ll be able to withdraw the funds when they’ll appear on ‘Available for Withdrawal’ tab :slight_smile:


Well they have mentioned.

Once you will delivery the order.

It completes automatically in 3 days if your buyer will not reject or accept.

After that it takes 13 days for clearance.


Just the first time, right? Because that company sent me more work, and today they paid me. Will that second payment also take 13 days to be transferred to my paypal account? Or will it be faster in the future?

Unfortunately no.
It will be the same in the future :confused:

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hey spanish guy! hola! eso sucede porque aun no tienes dinero en el balance, debes esperar 14 dias en donde el dinero se haga efectivo , mientras esperas esos 14 dias puedes seguir generando ingresos :slight_smile:

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Gracias por la info :smiley: (so what a crap anyway :frowning: )

Buen día!

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Yes it will take 13 days everytime you will get paid on here


No! It takes 14 days. Here is the official statement from Fiverr:

Read the Terms and policies for better understanding. :+1:

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