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Problems with ratings

Is anyone else having problems with their ratings? I keep getting 3 different ratings. When I share my gig, it shows that I have a 4.9, but on my PC and phone app, my rating is 4.4 on my profile. I have 172 ratings and only 2 of those ratings are 1 star. I also have 3 and 4 star ratings from two different people. Does my overall rating sound right? Have you had this issue?



When I visit your profile on Fiverr, it shows a rating of 4.9 with 174 reviews (not 172).

It’s a bug - it seems there’s a problem with decimal places and how they’re calculated and/or appear on different pages:

I’m still waiting for a reply BTW.

I’ve moved your post to ‘Report A Bug’ - maybe you could report what you’re seeing to CS as well? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I was starting to think Fiverr was out to get me, but this makes way more sense. :smile::v:

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You’re welcome! I’ve had my ticket open for 3 months now, so I’m not holding my breath - hope they can sort yours out more quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, 3 months is way too long. Maybe if more people report this issue, they’ll fix it for everyone. Good luck and I hope this isn’t hurting your sales too much.


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