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Problems with Revenue Withdraw


Hello, Can someone please look into the problem with the revenue withdraw button being greyed out? I have been trying to get my monies for three days now plus no answer from customer support. Please help!!!


I am also having the same problem. They will reply eventually, just wait.


Seems to be working now!


They (support) are definitely experiencing high levels of tickets this week/weekend for sure, but they are getting round to answering (they always do).


I sure hope so, I need my payments to pay my bills


it wasnt when I just checked!


Still not working.


Nope. Still not working.


We’re on it guys. Will keep you posted.


Reply to @kevinwil: THANK YOU!!!


Reply to @kevinwil: We do appreciate this. Sellers are patient and this short message really helps to alleviate the anxiety and let us know that you all are aware of and working to remedy the issue.


yeah kevin, hope it is fixed soon


Reply to @genivive: Exactly. Letting us know what’s going on goes a long way.


still doesnt work, sigh




and an hour later no luck :frowning:


Still can’t withdraw. :frowning:


me either


12:44 pm CST and mine is still not working.


3:39 pm EST Still can’t withdraw.