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Problems with Revenues Clearing

I am having problems with revenues that should have cleared but have not. Fiverr has been terrific with revenues being cleared promptly, but now there is a glitch. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am quite concerned because a large sum of my earned money is being tied up because of this.

Yes, I also have some money piled up that hasn’t been released and I was just going to ask the same thing. It’s not a big enough deal for me to contact CS, yet, but I do have over $125 sitting in fund release mode that should have gone through yesterday. The only reason I really care is for my Paypal monthly records of earnings as I’m going to send over another transfer when that money comes through.

Same here. I should have been able to pick the money up 2 days ago but it’s STILL pending clearance. It’s really pissing me off.

I am experiencing the same problem since May28. My earnings which should be cleared are piling up too. Hopefully fiverr can get this problem solved. Have anyone of you contacted CS?

Reply to @alextes: Same here, from the 28th. I am planning to contact them maybe tomorrow. They recently changed the site layout so I wouldn’t be surprised it has many bugs. One of them being my drawings not being displayed in my portfolio (my 2 newest orders).

I hope this will be solved soon.

I’m also experiencing this! Has anyone contacted CS?

I have contacted CS. They say they are working on the issue. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

I was wondering what the issue was. They are usually very good with releasing pending funds on the date given. Hopefully they will resolve this issue very soon. If you’ve contacted CS, have they given a time of resolution?

Unfortunately they have not. They only said it could be some time before this is resolved.

@djricsantos thank you so much for keeping us updated!! Do you think it would help if we contacted them also?

I think so. The more of us that speak out the more likely they are to work to get this resolved.


My May 28 orders were just put into my account. Still waiting on the May 29 one but it’s getting unstuck. whew! =D>

Resolved, funds available :slight_smile:

Reply to @alextes: Same thing with me. Earnings from the 28th and later are stuck. I contacted customer support and they said they would have tech support look into it. This type of thing always makes me uneasy.

having the same problem , yo fiverr , i need my $4 for cookies hurry up!

having the same issue thanks for the updates:)

Been having this issue since the 28th as well. Hope the problem is resolved soon.

I still have this problem after contacting customer service. Someone wrote back and said “I tried to fix this for you. Hopefully in 24 hours it will resolve.” It’s been since May 28.

Today is May 30 and this is a screenshot I just took of the problem. I’m a little surprised that they couldn’t immediately fix it!

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I suggest everyone contact technical staff so they realize it’s a big problem.

So does this mean after this issue is resolved that all money that was cleared will be available at the same time*?