Problems with sending audio files to customers


Hi All,

I’m experiencing a weird problem with my songwriting gig: for one particular customer, the audio I send sounds weirdly processed and distorted when she plays it. More specifically, it’s just the vocals that sound weird (I send both the an entire mixed down song and individual instrument tracks). What’s really weird is that the audio sounds fine on my end! I use Logic Pro X, which mixes down to the m4a format. I’ve thought of saving the files in a different format, since maybe whatever the customer is using to listen to the files doesn’t play well with m4a. Anyhow, I’m a bit perplexed and was hoping someone might have some wisdom to share.


You can upload your file into Dropbox and send download link to your buyer


You need to find out what the buyer is using to listen, will they not share that information? And I would try saving it as maybe an mp3 and see if that customer specifically can then open it fine.

If you are in audio production, you might spend a minute googling m4a and there are some issues. m4a has not yet replaced the mainstream mp3’s for everyone. So you may want to find out how the customer is going to be using it and what programs they will be using it on.