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Problems with the positioning of the GIG


I need to solve a situation I have with a GIG, actually I have around 40 reviews on my account and also I’m level 1, but the most popular GIG I have, always it has been in the first position, but now it is in the last position beside to new sellers. I have 5 stars in all the reviews I have in this GIG, but I only received a bad review with a different GIG, because I had a bad experience with a buyer.

That buyer canceled the order and he got the whole money, but I sent to him another order because I had sent part of the job and then after accept the delivery he wrote a very bad review.

I have also had to extend the delivery time with that buyer and with several people for differents reasons, I don’t know if this can influence with positioning, but I don’t understand why I’m in the last position with the reviews that I have, and however, the new sellers are better positionning and the most of them don’t have any review.

Anybody had the same problem as me and can help me to solve this and that the GIG returns to the normal position?

Thanks in advance!

There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr and only 48 of them fit on the first page.

Fiverr rotates the gigs that appear on the first page according to their secret algorithm. No one has the :key: to the secret of how the first page gigs are chosen.

I have read of TRS, who suddenly went from the first page to the last. It seems to merely be part of Fiverr’s rotation system that is designed to give everyone a chance for exposure. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Vickie!. Thanks for your answer, but I think is strange, as for the category of my GIG there aren’t a lot of people, and there are gig with the same stars as me and they are in the first page. I think the reason is for the cancelations I received or maybe the extend delivery can influence.

I’m not sure, but I would like that people can find my gig easily and I don’t understand what happened.

I just looked for your Spanish lessons gig. I found it on the first page, first line second position.

The thing is that Fiverr also changes your gigs position every time a different user looks for it. So, I may see it in one place and another user will see it in another.

I discovered this when a group of Fiverr Forum users looked for each other’s gig placement. :arrow_down:

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Thank you very much Vickie for you help!. That is very useul, I will check the Fiveer Forum.

Now I have to think the way to have again the GIG in the first page as before. Maybe sharing the GIG in socials could be a good idea, what do you think about that?

But it is there when I look. I never shared my gig on social media.

@eoinfinnegan wrote a post that may be helpful.

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