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Problems with the Title


So I just tried to post my first gig, but no matter how hard I tried and how many different wordings I used, it would not accept my title. It is very frustrating. My gig concerns homeschooling. I even tried to use terms like home education or teaching at home in case the word homeschooling wasn’t allowed. I’m aware this is a very simple question for most people in this forum. I am new and appreciate suggestions anyone might have to help me resolve my issue.


Don’t add the " I will" as its added automatically, don’t use any special characters just letters and numbers.


The “I will” is in the box automatically, I have tried to remove it, since I wasn’t sure if that is the problem. Still can’t get any titles accepted and all I use is regular letters. I even tried to cut out words like you.


Post the title here and maybe some can figure it out.


Thank you for your help. It finally worked.