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Problems with withdraw and tips

Today I have finally withdrawn my money after the order placed and concluded two weeks ago.
The problem is one, I’m Italian and I know that in Italy there is the euro dollar exchange…
I was paid 40 dollars and instead of receiving 35 euros, I received 32, why 8 euros less?
I have seen the policies regarding fees and PayPal does not use any (since I used that as a withdrawal method), I also received 10 dollars as a tip, but I was not charged to my account and therefore I am unable to pick them up, why?
Thanks to who helps me.

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Please, help me, I do not know what to do…

Found this: Non-US sellers currently using PayPal for withdrawal can save a lot of money from reading this!

Does this cover what you’re looking for?

Not properly, i was looking for some help about the tips, i’ve earned 10 dollars, but i didn’t see it on my earnings Fiverr page.

Fiverr takes 20% of Tip. So you will receive $8 after the Fiverr fees.

So, you’re asking about the tip not showing up? (This is a different question than ‘exchange rates’.) That has been brought up lately, that it doesn’t show, but there’s not much feedback yet on it.

Be careful the exchange rate on Paypal with “no fees” is about 4% lower than the market rate. If you convert 100 USD to your local currency and back to USD using paypal you would only have about 92 USD. The claim that they have no fees is very misleading. Payoneer is better since their fee is only 2%.

That being said what you are experiencing is probably the fact that Fiverr takes 20% of all revenue, you can’t do anything about that unless you want to use a different platform or your own website.

Hi, fellow Italian and FL Studio user :wave:

40$ order + 10$ tip = 50$
Fiverr’s 20% cut: 10$, so that makes it 40$
USD to EUR conversion rate (usually 1$ = 0,8*€) plus minuscule Paypal fees for that kind of amount: about 32€ remain

That’s it.