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Problems withdrawing earnings?

Hey Fiverr sellers !

One question here !

Have you ever had any problem with withdrawing your earnings?

I’m trying but I can not. The system tells me that it is in the process of withdrawing my earnings, but it’s been more than 24 hours already !

I have no idea what may be really happening! Has it ever happened to you?
Thanks for your answers !

Warm regards !

Hello @miquelinet1
I have never had any such issues before.

The withdrawals have always been easy and prompt. I use Paypal Withdrawals and they are instant. What Withdrawal did you use? If its Fiverr Revenue Card it may take a few days

Hi techpig !
Thanks for your answer ! As you I use Pay Pal ! is fast and works really well !
I already wrote a letter to Fiverr team !

Thank you !

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@miquelinet1 ok best wishes :slight_smile:

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okay best wishes for problem solving

Thank you so much techpig !

Thank you junaiidgraphics !!!