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Problems Withdrawing Funds

I am having quite a headache withdrawing funds and have for some time now.

A few months ago when I would see the green “verification e-mail sent” I would get no e-mail through.

Yes, I checked spam, made sure Fiverr e-mails were not being blocked etc

Before this everything worked in the normal way. I had not changed my e-mail or PayPal address so no reason for a mix up there.

For my last few withdrawals I have had to have the withdrawal initiated by Fiverr themselves or try again the next day. This isn’t too bad, but I do find that I am struggling to explain to Fiverr each time that the problem is their site and not my PayPal account.

I went to withdraw funds today and this time no green bar appeared saying an e-mail had been sent.

Before basically the account was telling me an e-mail had been sent and I wasn’t getting it, now I am just not even getting the mail sent.

I have contacted support but I am sort of getting the run around about my e-mail and PayPal when these two factor are not the issue.

When either the bug is fixed or Fiverr sends the verification e-mail I get it.

After that I have no problems withdrawing. PayPal has never been an issue in getting my Fiverr funds and it does get a bit frustrating to go through trying to get support to see that on each and every occasion I would like to withdraw.

Ideally I would like someone to look at my account and fix whatever has gone wrong. For right now I;d like to be able to withdraw the funds and get Fiverr to see that the problem is occurring on their side of the fence and I need them to take action to get the payment out.

Everytime this happens it takes alot of back and forth messages to fix it when I could be spending that time working.

More than once I have turned off my gigs because I was worried I would not get paid at all.

This is getting very frustrating, does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?

We are not Customer Support here on the forum. We are merely sellers, just like you. None of us have access to check anything with your account. This issue can only be solved between you and Customer Support. I’m sorry if that’s not the answer you were hoping for.

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Hi jonbass, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I appreciate that the forum is for sellers and not customer support, whom I have been in contact with. I think my rambling post might be a bit confusing but I wanted to put all the details in, just in case anyone else has a similar situation and can advise me how they are dealing with it.

As far as I can tell I need to contact support every time I want to withdraw, which is fine, and also I need to then wait some time before the process is complete, which is also fine. The biggest frustration here is having the same conversation about potential paypal issues every time. This process takes a few hours each time it comes up and sometimes involves me uploading ID scans, contacting PayPal etc

Essentially my way of dealing with the situation so far has been pretty inefficient! If anyone is in a similar situation and has found a better way of dealing with it I’d be keen to know.

Thanks again for replying, my payout situation is resolved at the moment. I’d just like to be able to make it go smoother next time.