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Procedure steps, did I screw up for FREE

Had a buyer, gave me some instruction and I said sure. Did not submit an offer, but just did the job and sent files. I look know and should have submitted and OFFER and WAITED for his acceptance. I have not heard back, it’s been 3 days and nothing. Any advice for me trusting? or what are my options? Help please, just call me Dummy on Fiverr

Hello there!

I’m not sure whether you have any options now, you should’ve waited for the buyer to order your Gig or accept your Offer before delivering the job.

My advice to you is to just forget about it, focus on improving and promoting your Gigs, since there isn’t much you can do now. I know it’s not the best feeling to work on something and not be paid for that, but sometimes you learn from your own mistakes.

I hope that helps you out even a little bit!

I agree. Just consider it a lesson learned. Never do work until a buyer pays for the gig first.

There is no “trusting” involved in doing samples before anyone pays, that is not how Fiverr works. A buyer buys a gig, or contacts you and you create a custom offer, then only AFTER the buyer pays the money do you start doing any work.

Its part of the game, sometimes you’ll have to work for free, in this case was you fault sometimes you’ll find nightmare buyers.
Now you have learned your lesson, next time wait for the order and the start work on it.

Did you send the offer after completing the job?
If not then just send it and inform the buyer that you did not do so earlier and if he would be kind enough to pay for the job now.
If you have sent it and he is ignoring you then, just be more careful next time.

You should wait for the customer for paying or buying the gig 1st. May be he’s offline since then. If he’s a genuine buyer he’ll pay your fee. There are many good buyers out there. And few bad people i have to say. :slight_smile: Hope you get your payment.