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Proceed to Order -> NOW -> Select and Customize


I was about to order a VO and alas! I saw the proceed to order button had changed to Select and Customize (which is more appropriate because the extras are now on the next page)


Fiverr is continually trying out new things and I think that is a really great thing. It shows our 20% is at work and they are trying to upgrade the experience for buyers and sellers.

Contrary to speculations, I think Fiverr actually listens to a lot of what is discussed in the forums. This was mentioned recently.

We might not agree with a lot of things (that is another topic) but I see a lot of improvement and changes.

Kudos :slight_smile:



Hmm, I just tried checking out but I’m still seeing the Proceed to Payment button.

Perhaps a slow roll-out?


:snail: Maybe another beta test? I never got the new review system. So they must be testing, testing…testing.


LOLz… I think so, the snail emoji is perfect! :smiley:

My fingers are totally crossed for some of my Fiverr :gift: wishlist items come to fruition.



Fiverr headquarters 1:24am…

Hey Mitch, let’s roll out that idea…
Okay Paul, go for it!

Hey Mitch, what do I click?
Roll it out to 3 people, 300 people, 3000 people, 3,000,000 people?
Oh, and which countries should have it? Canada? USA, Australia?

Oh, Mitch, what about sellers or buyers?

Okay Mitch, we’re getting somewhere.

Meanwhile on our side of things:
Hmm, new rollout > nobody knows > Nika doesn’t have that beta > TheCreativeGuys doesn’t have the milestone beta…


I want to know in advance if I can pay for extra revisions on a gig.

How can I do that when I can’t see the extras? So how do I know if I want the gig or not, since that is something I want?

On a voiceover, I want to know if there is an extra to add music. But wait… I can’t SEE THE EXTRAS!

Fiver put the extras on the main gig page near the packages! Wouldn’t that make sense?


I tried to check your gig but you are on Vacation :smiley:

I saw it on your gig image

However, I did not see it on all the gigs. Sometimes I see proceed to order and sometimes Select and customize. It is either a feature they roll out to sellers or maybe it is a feature they roll out to buyers.

I checked my own gig and I don’t have it.


I think your argument is valid. You are not sure of the extra services being offered by the seller and that can make you lose a prospective buyer. This is why I like to go through the buying process. It makes me understand what buyers see. For this reason, I think sellers should list their extras on their gig page.

Fiverr might also be trying to lure buyers in with lower prices and once they get to the next page, they add the extras. Since we don’t have access to their analytics, we don’t know if it is hurting or helping.



Thanks for the laughs this AM… I’m still picking myself up off the floor. :coffee:


Yeah. I’m on Vacay mode :tropical_drink: – a well needed one at that. Time off to rejuvenate, perhaps get my zen back lol and :airplane: travel. :sunglasses:


Awesome. Have fun!