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Process/Software for Managing Gigs and Contacts

Hello Amazing Fiverr Community!

I just joined, and have been very pleased to have 8 orders my first week. Woohoo!

But, with each order, I usually learn the contact person’s name, and I’m trying to keep track of which gigs they ordered and how many times - so if they reorder I can thank them and draw on previous notes in filling their requests.

Sooo, sage sellers, how are you (are you?) managing your records? This applies mostly to people likely to sell more than one gig to the same buyer over time. I’m using a google spreadsheet currently, but would love to hear what has worked for those with far more experience.

Appreciatively, Susan

You could take the concept a step further and create a Google Form for ease of data entry because it dumps the data in a behind-the-scenes spreadsheet. The form can feature easy drop-downs to hone in on what gig was ordered, what add-ons were ordered, etc… Then later on you can perform reporting off of it.

I think in the moment, if you suddenly receive large amounts of orders, it might be better to not over complicate things and stick to pen and paper!

When time frees up I don’t think there are too many better options than entering everything into a database.

I’m by no means experienced on here, just thought I should suggest simplifying the system when under pressure as it has worked in other circumstances for me in the past.

I think you should make use of your notepad and keep your information categorically

about each order and the buyer and then save it.

I always use excelsheet to maintain everything really easy to manage.

Teehee…I use a database I built. I have it pull the order emails I receive form fiverr and push it into the database. This grabs the order number, date, gig name, sale amount and user name. All orders are linked to a username so I can browse to a user and view all orders they have made, total cost to them, total profit, etc… The only thing I enter into the db is the date when the order is completed. I also have it setup to view how much is clearing/has cleared this week, next week, by month, overall and this year. The DB also pulls all messages I have received from a buyer, so I can easily keep track of what’s been said and when.

I definitely agree with cpmonline, database all the way, if you have time, but I’m a little biased :wink: .

Also, congrats on your orders!

Everyone, thanks for the great suggestions! I’m definitely a techy person so the pen and pencil is out (I haven’t handwritten anything longer than a post-it note in years). So, looks like its some sort of spreadsheet or database. I’m pretty handy in google docs and creating a data entry form is a fantastic idea. accessgirl, I’ve also created access databases, but mine lack a certain, ummm, elegance (to put it graciously). I’ll DM you to see if there might be an opportunity there.