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Processing fee


I have a gig extra offering to email customer service on behalf of the customer saying he will take business elsewhere if the processing fee is not removed.


A lot of buyers are upset about the new processing fee, I doubt that Customer Service will remove it, but it might just be a good idea to let them know about it, there might be a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight chance of them doing something about it.

Try sending a screen shot of your buyer’s comment, and send it to Customer Service.


Reply to @zeus777: I think she added an extra to her gig offering to email a complaint to Fiverr CS for anyone who buys the gig and the extra. I don’t know if a specific buyer who complained to her but I think overall this is her ad/promo offering the gig extra to forum readers.


Yea and they charge again when you Tip a seller. I gave a seller a $5 tip and it cost me $2, what! That’s almost half the tip. $7 to tip someone $5 that’s not counting the $2 they charged me for the gig. Scam!!


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