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Processing fees from sellers


I noticed a processing $1 fee on the page of a seller and wondered if this was common place on Fiverr? Any thoughts on whether it’s a good idea? I’m pretty new here so would like some clarity. Thanks!


Fiverr give you a place to set up and in return takes 20% from your earning. I think it’s a perfect idea because, that 20% is what they use to keep the servers running, pay their workers(maybe) and many other things.


It is only logical for them to do that, after providing a market for sellers and buyers to meet. Your skills could have been wasting without them


Yes true indeed! I just wasn’t sure if most people added that processing fee on their page but it’s certainly worthy looking into. Fiverr also takes 20% of tips too, is that correct? Thanks for clarifying!


Yes, its correct. For fiverr it’s not a tip. It’s a transaction. Fiverr’s AI is set to deduct 20% from every $5. They have to create a new algorithm for tips if they want us to give the full money.