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Processing Video after Redo-ing gig

I have recently started a gig for orchestral music composition, now when I first finished my gig I went back to edit some text and thought I lost the gig . So I made another and when I pressed finish I saw two. So I deleted the first and went with my new revised version. Problem is the second ones video is still processing, whereas the first one finished immediately . Please help as I need to share this on my facebook page at peak hours.

Reply to @ahilan: Oh. If that’s the case, all you can do is contact support.

But in one of your other answers it says the video file fails after 3 times which I don e now :o

You have to wait. .wmv videos take a lot of time. For me, it was almost 2 days. .mp4 however took around 6 hours. I doubt if formats matter but for me it did. Best of luck.

And try my gigs if you can. :wink: