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Processing Video Hiccups

Hi Guys Hope that you are all doing ok in the strangest of times? I have a question regarding my video is being processed. I originally posted a video that was slightly to long . So it was rejected. I re posted the shorter version. But now its says my gig is active . But my video is being processed. Its been 5 days now. Any ideas would be v helpful

Thanks Si

Contact Fiverr support to get an update about what’s happening with your gig :slight_smile:

Thanks I did .

Cheers Si

Great, hopefully you get an update soon. Sadly the forums is community support so all we can do is pass on our own experiences. I myself, have never had to wait as long as that, so I’m afraid I can be no more help to you.

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That can sometimes happen. Delete the video and upload again, it can get stuck.

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no problem Its just funny s the first time they took hours to get back to me . Now its days


Cool Thanks I did that twice

Thanks again