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Product description gig is removed

Yesterday, I was trying to create a gig on product description and reviews
I selected category: Writing and Translation
Sub-category: Product descriptions
Platform: Amazon

I used tag: Amazon product, amazon reviews

All the activity completed nicely. But, when I published gig, Fiverr remove that.
Then I try again and removed.

On the third try, They warned me of breaking Terms of Service (TOS)
But, to be honest, I didn’t copy anything from anywhere, I didn’t use any logo or photo from others.

I want to know, what the actual reason of removing my gig and warned?

2nd question is: How long the warning will active in my profile?

Please help me.

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It sounds as though Fiverr thinks you were offering to write product reviews on Amazon’s website. That’s against the ToS.

If you weren’t planning to do that, talk to Support. Maybe they can help you.

Warnings stay on a person’s profile forever, but they stop affecting their ability to level up after 30 days.


What do you mean by “on reviews”?

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Thank you for you informatve answer. That really helpful to me.

I mean product description and reviews basis on my personal use/ user comments of any product

how would those reviews then be used?

because if you are offering fake buyers reviews, that would be naughty

These reviews will be used on blogging site or Amazon affiliate site.

fair enough. i think you should talk to CS, tell them what your doing, but be as clear as you can, give them all of the information and don’t worry about sending them a long message

and be super duper clear about what a review is in this context

Actually, I sent message to CS before 6 days. They didn’t reply yet.

Paid reviews are not allowed, so you might want to avoid writing reviews completely.

You might need to wait for reply from CS, they’re getting way too many requests lately.


Thanks for your response.