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Product Held Hostage In Exchange For A 5* Review?

I’m experiencing a Fiverr seller who will not deliver the 3 files I paid for until I give a 5* review. They say it’s a humble request but I feel that, if I paid for 3 files and only got 1, I should at least get what I paid for before I can give ANY review, no matter what the star rating. Any suggestions on how I should deal with this? This exchange happened 2 days ago and they claimed they would send me what I paid for and nothing is happening. Do I file a complaint with Fiverr? (Is there a way to do that?) Or do I spread their name across social media? Thanks for any advice.


Yes, there is a way to file a complaint. Click this link and submit a ticket --> Customer Support

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Yes this deserves to be complained about.

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The moment a seller threatens to withhold work, take it to customer support: they’ll take care of you.

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I think you have the option of cancellation. Also you can edit the review too. So Yes do complain the customer support but also check or ask the Seller clearly. Customer Support mostly tells us to solve our disputes on our own.

Yes but all two times till now whenever i have a dispute. They usually say they cannot force anyone and we should solve it on our own. In my four months i had contacted them thrice and only one time i was Won(The order was Auto-completed). The other two times. Fully finished orders were refunded(75$ and 30$).

What if a Buyer Refunds via paypal and Violates the fiverr TOS but the Buyer is still active and Talks with the seller to finish the job?

But the Buyer is not banned. That’s the point.

But Customer support told they do and that is why the order was cancelled.

As i said because of the Paypal. I cannot share the discussion for some reasons.

This has happened to me 3 times!

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Yeaaaah that’s pretty illegal on Fiverr. You better report it.

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