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Product hunting

i am starting my freelancing by providing the services of product research, what categories should i select. What should be the search terms, please guide me.


If you’re curious about finding out the actual category or subcategories. Sometime when you’re on the first step of creating a gig. The moment you start writing for example "I will do voice over… " Below that box fiverr will give you a suggestion of category and subcategories. So try typing the service to provide and fiverr will give you a suggestion.

@sirleewho i have try it but it no work,any other way to do so?

Try the search bar in the homepage and type “product research”. Once the gig of other sellers appears. Click on one of them which suits your service and above their gig thumbnail you will see the category and subcategory of their gigs.

@sirleewho yes this idea work for me, but one more question is i don’t get proper search tags, i am not making any mistake in choosing category after all that this mistake comes.

Since you’ve figured out where your category and subcategory is. You can visit the page and the gigs of a seller on the first page, click on one gig and scroll down you will see “Related Tags” you can find tags that suits your niche.
Try checking another seller’s related tags and compare with the first one if you find at least two uniform tags. Then us them and add the rest of the tags base on the keywords of your gig URL.

okay thank you so much. :innocent: