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Product Photo Gig Quality?

Hi there,

I recently created a product photo gig here. So some days ago the first products arrived here and I took photos of it.
The customer took my simple $5 gig which doesn’t include editing. ( )

He described his needs to “Main photo for Amazon, white background” and… “you are the pro” AFTER we had a really good conversation before he shipped his product. So now he was silent, not really communicating.

After I’ve sent him a lot of photos, including all kind of variations, he said: “the quality is bad, not worth any money”.
It’s kinda strange, but whatever. Since this is the first order at this gig, I want a neutral eye on a sample picture I’ve made for him.

Today I simply canceled because I had the feeling that this guy won’t be happy at all, no matter what.

Thanks for your opinions!

Attached: One sample

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