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Product Photography, client want products back even after 15 day hold

A client keeps asking me for thier product back but the 15 day hold has been up a long time ago and we can’t return items after this period as it clearly states on our gig and order page, what should I say to them? Just give them a refund?

Do you have the product? If so, tell them to send you a pre-paid shipping label and you will return it. I looked up your gig and it is clear that the buyer has to pay for shipping. If you do not have it because you got rid of it after 15 days, tell them that. That was also clear in your gig. I would not refund anything. You told them that they had 15 days to ask for the product back and you told them that they must pay for the shipping.

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@tracybarnhart is right
You should not refund

yeah they dont seem to be listening to me at all and now wont reply to me, Ill just have to contact customer support. Thanks!