Product Purchase Wishlist Making Review Writing on amazon, please message me


In this gig I will help you to make up a good relation between product and search engine on amazon.

In this case I will put your product on my amazon accounts.

That is wish list.

I will buy your product to make sure to rank up your position in amazon. Purchase is a very helpful way to get ranks up.

Review Writing. If you have many positive feedback on your product then you can sell more.

I will do your Verified reviews.

I will make remove your bad reviews.

I do 50 wishlist for 1 gig.

I do 10 purchase for 1 gig.

I do 1 verified review 1gig.

if you have big project please let me know.
I am all time available on Please Inbox me.
We will make a deal and will work on your product as a campaign.