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Product review and unboxing


Hello, I was wondering if I can give customers my address for them to send me products to review and unbox. Will I get in trouble for sending my address ?


Well, this is from Fiverr Terms of Service:

To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.
Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.

I recommend you to contact customer support and explain everything about how your services need personal information. I think you will hear some positive reply from them. :slight_smile:


Oh boy… who would like giving his/her personal address to unknown people over internet for some bucks?

… smh … :expressionless:


Just like @n4y33m said - Support can give you the “approval” for such a service. Again, there’s absolutely no guarantee they would allow this type of gig however it’s worth a try!


Fiverr is not Amazon, Ali Express or Newegg, you cannot offer these types of services on Fiverr due to its Terms of Services.


True, but it would be nice to link to Youtube so that a customer could post their recorded unboxing and reaction/reviews. Maybe Fiverr could setup a section specifically for customers to post videos and link them us with #OurUserNameonFiverr so we get an automatic notification when we’re mentioned/someone posts an “unboxing” of our gig, (say via their webcam with a split-view of the gig and the customer, which would work as well for services delivered online).
This could be great for Fiverr as it creates a space for social interaction - and people love that - as well as providing advertisement for Fiverr and for sellers - the reactions could be used to draw interest from customers who don’t want to read sales pitches and articles and potentially for ads. It also encourages competition among sellers.


Just a thought? I’m just asking because I don’t know if this is somewhere in the rules but… Could you ask the seller to buy a gig to pay you the price to order their product from their site or amazon to unbox it? That way you get the cash and they don’t have to ship it directly to you?


If the last suggestion works, you could likely build a client-base on this forum from sellers on Fiverr “unboxing” our gigs. I’ve been looking around and there a lot of gigs I’d like to see, (or hear).


It is ok if related to an order.You should be fine.


As far as I know fiverr has a policy of not allowing gigs for reviews of products.


I thought that was only if the Seller posts the review somewhere.


This is definitely a question for Customer Support. To be honest, the idea of this sounds very odd but I might not entirely understand what kind of gig it is. Even if CS does say yes, are you sure you want to compromise your potential safety?

If this is a gig where you just record a video of you unboxing your client’s product and doing a video review of it, that might work on Fiverr. In that case, the suggestion mentioned above to have the client buy a gig for you to order their product on another site seems much safer. If it’s something where you have to have products sent to your home, you’d have to allow people from all over the world and all kinds of lifestyles and cultures to have access to your address.

I saw that someone mentioned the idea of “unboxing a Fiverr gig” and reviewing it and that one would be unlikely to be allowed. Since it would require you to purchase their gig and then you would do a video for them of you reacting to what you got, that could easily be seen as review and purchase manipulation. Review exchanges and purchase exchanges aren’t allowed.

Whatever you have in mind, I would write out a detailed explanation and send it to Support before you do anything else.


I have seen these videos before, I believe (if it’s what I’m thinking of).

Some bloggers do give out their address for people to do that, though that’s usually to fairly common corporations, not just anybody.

The problem with ordering the product is how to cover the expense of buying the product in the first place. There’s no variable pricing for Gigs, so every time someone ordered a Gig and chose an item that’s more expensive than the Gig cost, the OP would have to either cancel or buy it anyway. That sounds like a Gig with a very high cancellation rate.

Wouldn’t that be the case for most Gigs that ship physical items also? Very rarely does something get shipped without a return or origin address.


I’ve never really seen a physical shipping gig that did very well on Fiverr, so while there might be successful ones I haven’t seen, I’m thinking someone who does a lot of that would use a mailbox service for safety and consistency. In the U.S. you can definitely ship without a return address if you want to though it is a different kind of risk. The main reason I’m thinking CS should answer the OP question is that physical shipping gigs are already available on Fiverr, but providing a physical address for something else isn’t.

I agree that the price of a product is a problem and it’s one reason that review gigs were a problem. A lot of buyers who wanted physical items reviewed asked the sellers to rely on a digital image or other reviews instead of really trying the product. The reviews were therefore not “real” in addition to being paid. I can see what you mean about a blogger doing this kind of service, but I just think CS would have to decide if it would be allowed on Fiverr.


I seen gigs that the seller will make you jewellery (necklaces).

I seen Youtubers who open fan mail, however they have a p.o. box address.

If they are on a network then the network’s address.


As far as the USPS, you can with First Class letters, but not with packages (I’m pretty sure they require it now, security and all). The carriers (like UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc.) require a source address for shipping - it may not need to be on the package (never seen one without it though) but it will be in the records.

It is best to ask. I think the Buyer’s contact info questions are pretty well covered, but not the Seller’s.