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Product Update (2.12.2015): Repeat Buyer Badge

Fiverr Community,

We rolled out a new feature yesterday called the Repeat Buyer Badge. It allows sellers to identify buyers who have done new repeat business with them.

Today, we’ve updated the feature to include older conversations as well. It was a popular request from our community.

Awesome! Great feature.

Ok, where does this badge appear? I do not see it on my repeat buyers, so I am curious if this feature is working yet?


Awesome Feature !

Thanks !

Reply to @hotwebideas: When you click on your Inbox it will appear right before the sender’s name (if the sender is your repeat buyer). The badge is in Green color. :slight_smile:

I love this idea! I like to find my favorite, repeat customers sometimes and give them special offers. This is great, thanks!

Repeat Buyer Badge, fantastic feature. Thanks!

Some of my buyers have this icon, but they’ve only bought from me once…

You responded to topic that ended nearly three years ago. Please don’t do that.

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