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How To Maximize Productivity in a World of Distractions

Nico: As a top seller, you must receive a considerable number of orders. Managing your time becomes critical in order to improve productivity. Have you eliminated any habits that waste your time?

Joel: Early in my career, I spent a lot of time trying to convince everyone who contacted me that I was the right choice for their whiteboard video animation project. I later realized I was actually recruiting the wrong type of customer – one that would ultimately waste more time and cause me more headache than necessary. Now I try to assess my clients. Before sending customers offers, I make sure I’m the right fit for the project and style of work. This saves me a lot of time and leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction at the end of each project.

San: As the number of orders increased, I adjusted my schedule, did some planning, and focused on two things: customer satisfaction and timely responses. Sometimes I even respond to my buyers at midnight through the Fiverr app. I did sometimes play too many computer games, but the increase in orders really inspired me to make better decisions and to perfect my approach to selling.

Elena: I come from an advertising background, and in an advertising agency, your job is strictly the design itself. You have a traffic manager who talks to the client and picks and chooses the information that is relevant to you. I’d just take an order with all the information provided and work with that. I kind of like working under limitations, too, so that was my approach: You give me the information you deem relevant, and I give my understanding of your vision based on that. Now, no matter how small the project is and no matter how much creative freedom the customer is prepared to give me, I kindly direct them to the order’s requirements, and I ask them to answer all the questions there. If I have some additional ones, we go through them too. And some customers do get annoyed, don’t get me wrong. They expect me to just do what I want and see if it fits, but I try to communicate very clearly that we’ll be wasting time if we’re not on the same page from the very beginning. Usually people are understanding and appreciative of it. You do spend more time having these conversations, but it saves you from doing the same job twice in the end. And I struggled with this approach a lot initially because I’m trained to just get the job done, but it benefited me greatly in the end. I’d say investing my time in long conversations with the client made unsatisfactory results nonexistent.