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Profanation logo designer


i am a new in this market pales but my gig not sale


In your profile description you talk about yourself and then you go on to say “we provide”. This is very confusing to a buyer. Also as you are a new seller it might be a good idea to offer something in all your gigs for $5 until you move up the levels.


Profanation logo designer :expressionless:
Are you trying to say, professional?


Try to fix the spelling errors, and hopefully, you will get that first order.

“I’m a Graphic Designer. As a designer, I can do any kind of photoshop work within a short time. I have 4 years experience in graphic designing, I provide excellent services. I am diligent, creative, careful and honest. I will complete your job with a high sense of responsibility. So order now!”

I tried to fix it a bit. but still “So order now” is bothering me, I don’t know why?