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Professional Audio Mixing at a great indie rate

At the basic gig rate you get:

  • Up to 4 tracks (no longer than 4 minutes in length) mixed/balanced
  • Dynamic processing (compression/limiting)
  • Sweetened (reverb/delay)
  • Finished mix provided as an 320kbps MP3 file + one other file as requested (WAV/AIFF)

    If you want a truly great mix, request a custom pro-gig, which starts at just $25 more. For an example of what I have to offer, take a listen to this track from the Alan Evans Trio.

RECORDED @ Telefunken Studios; South Windsor, CT (recorded completely live to 16-track, one take, no overdubs)

MIXED @ Reformata A/V; Greenville, SC 8/21/14 by Eric Hoffman

NOTES: Edit from the final mix. Outboard compression used on kick drum and bass only. ITB compression on toms, over-heads, room tracks and vocals. No compression used on any other track. All reverb is out-board. Track is 25+ minutes long, edited here for time purposes.

“In the Mix Room” with me talking about the track: