Professional content writing for little money


Hey Fiverr community,

I am relatively new to Fiver and EXTREMELY new to the forums of Fiverr. To offer myself, so to speak, will be providing content writing on many different levels including the following types of content.

  • Web content
  • Essays
  • Letters
  • Descriptions
  • Notes
  • Research
  • Blog post
  • Leaflet content
  • And many more.

    My gig states a 650 word limit, but, this is a flexible number offering discounts at every turn. For instance, if you would like a 100 word blog post that would mean I would complete that task for you and once I have completed your blog post and delivered it you would be able to come back to me a further 5 times at any point and I would do the blog posts for free. Whereas if you were to need a 700-900 word count for your web content I would only request you to order one gig. I do hope that this flexible word count is an enticing offer to customers and future colleges.

    I am a fully qualified Legal Secretary, this in turn has made me a very fast and accurate worker. I would really like to win some more gigs and start to earn money. Although, for me, Fiverr is not just ‘work’ it is a pure and simple addiction and I get overly excited when a new or returning customer orders. This just motivates me even more to go beyond all basic calls of duty to provide a happy customer service.

    Here is my profile and gig links if any of you would be interested in purchasing my services. Even if you have an unusual content request that I have not listed above DO NOT hesitate, message me.

    I will look forward to working with many of you.