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Professional Custom Art Services

Are you looking for custom art? Logos, shirt designs, illustrations, portraits?

Then Look no further! MabsArts is the seller for you.
MabsArts is an illustration and graphic design studio from Puerto Rico, composed of Antonio “Mabs” (Lead Artist and Founder) and Erika Huertas (Creative Director and Studio Manager). We are a couple with over 10 years of experience creating art for companies like, Marvel, Ferraioli,LLC and many more.

Anything you need art related we got your back. With over 2,000 positive reviews you can trust that MabsArts is the seller for you.

From Character Design, Animation, and Social Media Marketing to Website Content, Illustrated Books, and VideoGame Art. Everything you need to fulfill your project’s need we got you covered.

With our customized MabsArts process, you will be receiving several sketches, digital concepts, and final images ready to be displayed anywhere. From Facebook to Flyers and Banners, the sky is the limit when you purchase with MabsArts.

If that isn’t sweet enough, you can get a $5 discount just by letting us know that you read this post when you purchase. It’s our way of giving back to the Fiverr community for all their amazing love throughout the years. We love you back!

Write us today for a free consultation or simply head over to: and purchase today!


Just finished some orders for one of my clients, check out the amazing work we created for them and what they have to say:

“Goes above expectations and makes good prices for good quality.”


I love finishing work for my clients! <3 check out this awesome new building for buyer Jonathan Gauthie

Not only do we do buildings and illustrations, but also character design, logos, mascots, shirt designs and much, much more <3!!!


Are you looking for comic art? we good you covered too! Check out this w.ork i.n p.rogress of a personal comic project we are working on.

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More awesome art!!! and just to let you know, all our services are at half price from April 1st to April 15 so order today and enjoy this special offer.

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More arrrrrrt for your beautiful eyes <3

This time some sticker art, something you can get designed here: with print-ready vector files and everything.

I’m doing free sketch requests for the forums until Friday Night. So post your project details and get yourself a nice sketch to get you started. No obligations, no requirements, just post your details and get a free sketch to get you started.

Even if you’re not doing anything professional or looking to buy any services, but still want a free sketch, we encourage you to post. Let’s all have some fun.

With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)

Special offer is up, but check out some cool stuff while you wait for that special day to get your caricature again.

Order today before we change prices back up again, only $30 for illustrations, graphic designs, characters, caricatures and logos.

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@mabelma You’re very artistic…You’re the best artist on fiverr…Good luck you will get a lot of new and repeat customers on fiverr for sure…


Great.That is nice work!

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Thank you very much for your kind words and your well wishes :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

Thank you, truly appreciate it :yellow_heart:

More extreme sketches!!!

Order today for a $5 discount on your order. All deliveries are in 7 days.Happy to say my queue is full for this week :3


Sketch work on a comic project I am working on :slight_smile:

Remember the building’s project? It’s quickly coming to an end. Check out another picture <3

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Here’s some graphic design work that I am very proud of <3

Today’s post is a cute little mascot animation for the MabsArts character. We hope you like it.

More animation work, check this out.

Found the first animatic for this project:
The project has grown in such a spectacular way, I can’t wait to show you the updated version.

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This animation is picking up speed quickly, check out a Christmas Short we did last December for it.

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