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I’ve seen lots of clients who want a complete ecommerce website in just $20 and I’ve rejected them. Maybe that’s why I’m not getting enough order but I’m still happy because I trust One day I will do some craziness. For review everyone creating an ecommerce website with $5, $10 and a few minutes ago I’ve seen this kind of job proposal. Just One more thing. Keep patience because everybody will not give proper value to your work. You will get proper value with genuine buyers. Who want quality work and never think about money. They want quality work. That’s it.
Thank you for your time to read my post.
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It depends on how you value your time and efforts . If you do ecommerce sites all day long . You could easily do a one page site for 20.00, but in the usa the value of one hour is easily 20 -50 . In india that can be a whole days work .
Mae sure you place a limit on ecommerce or any job with specifics . Remember Fiverr is successful not just due to price but because there is competition for jobs and many freelancers are actually very good at what they do. Fine a niche and get good at it .

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I agree with you but I’m not an Indian. I love ecommerce and I’m not greedy to take $20 for the entire website. My minimum hourly rate is $15.

Fiverr is successful but they should remove the seller as for buyer option because I noticed every seller is posting as a buyer.