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Professional Freelance now on fiver, feedback appreciated

Hi all,

Would love some feedback on our latest gig. We are a company who usually freelances off our own accord but now on Fiverr to see if we can make it here. Very convienet for us.


Yes we are insanely cheap just now until we get traction will be making a loss but this is what we need for feedback right?

followers to where?

Buying followers is against the Facebook/twitter/instagram/google+/etc…Terms of Service.
Selling followers is also against The TOS of above mentioned companies.

Also buying/selling likes or whatever each social media website calls it.

also, suuuuuuure they are real.


We dont sell, buy followers. We are marketers and have been for over 8 years in the gaming and accounting market. We promote to influencers and have a buisness plan that focuses on engagement with users directly. We have never and will never break tos with buisnesses as we work with them closely. One of us worked at facebook for 6 months before quitting to start his own venture.



On a constructive note, there is no image showing my friend. This will damage your chances of finding buyers. There are many gigs like yours on fiverr, so you may need to highlight what you do differently. I’m sure you know what makes you stand out from the competition.

Oh, and you’ve spelt ‘bring’ wrongly on your description.

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thankyou home, im surprised an image didnt show? i will make it obvious that we are the cheapest to do the same job if not better than the other guys :slight_smile: