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Professional Gig, No Orders To Be Seen

So i uploaded my gig to fiverr something like 2 weeks ago. I’ve only seen 14 views. I posted an ad for my gig online, but that Ad only got 5 views.

I read all the tips on this forum (Professional profile picture, great images, good video uploaded, description is in professional business English, etc etc.)
I dont know what’s wrong.

If you’d like to see my gig, go to my other thread where I posted a link to it in an appropriate category (cant post gig links here)

Thank you all so much, I’m just struggling here!


hi, i couldn’t found your profile… but i can give you some tips…
share your gig on social media
send buyer request daily
using correct search tags.

Click on my profile, go to topics, I have a second topic where I introduced my gig.

Social media? Everyone that follows me is Friends and Family, if I did that, then people would not buy. I dont have a large PUBLIC audience, so this isn’t an option. I simply would not get exposure.

Buyer Requests? They are empty. It is just a blank grey sheet in fiverr that says there are no buyer requests. Fiverr blocks out this feature for new sellers. Why? I dunno.

Search Tags? Been there, Done that.

Still 0 impressions, 14 views, 3 weeks now.

How can I get fiverr to display my gig on the first few pages?

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3 weeks ? :thinking:
You have joined this month.
However , Check the fiverr tips category ,You will get many tips there.Try to follow those tips .Hope you will get order.I have attached one tips for you.

You can also check this post…It is about buyer request .

Best Of Luck


Dates were a rough estimate, I don’t really keep track haha

The first post you linked is exactly what I was talking about.

If you read my post I have done exactly what that first link has suggested. Good sample work, profile picture, etc etc (everything that was in the post).

Buyer Requests being hidden was exactly was I stated in my last response. They hide them from new buyers so that they can learn to market their gig? Weird, it only seems like they’re making it harder…

I have looked at the fiverr website to see where my gig stands. There are 7 pages of gigs when I look up “video editor”. My gig is nowhere to be seen in all 7 pages, even though “video editor” is one of the five tags I provided for my gig. Whats going on? It’s like fiverr isn’t even showing my gig to people.

Thanks for the tips and the replies, however I don’t know what the problem is yet. I’ve done everything I could.

Do not be hurry… And sometimes new sellers need to wait months for the first order .So it is normal . Try to improve your profile and gigs more and follow the tips of the fiverr tips category …Hope you will get order.


Its okay to also create a second gig

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Maybe check the top line of text in the video at 0:06. Also in the 2nd gig image check where it mentions customer service. In the 3rd gig image, check where it mentions quality.

Also I agree with the suggestion to create more gigs.

Embarrassing, lol.

I dont usually make spelling mistakes, I promise :wink:


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