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Professional Gig Photo - Do You Have One?

Buyers look for quality. Your gig image is their first impression of your work. If you lack a professional photo for your gig, I am here to help! I am a photographer ready and waiting for you to tell me what to snap a picture of.

Check it out here!

Please COMMENT below with the type of gig you have that needs a more impressionable photo. Thank you!

I’m new to fiverr and I am thinking I might get this gig because I do not have any good photos for my writing gig. What kind of pictures can you take its_ace?

Hi abbeyqueen!

I can take all different kinds of photos, from people to animals to nature. For your writing gig in particular, I would suggest an object photo, with pencils on a desk, or someone writing. Did you have any ideas in mind yet?

Great, that sounds perfect!

And yes, I was also thinking of doing a gig where I assist people in child-rearing and parenting… but I do not have copy-right free images for it. Can you take pictures of children at play, or a playground/trampoline/ etc?

Yes, I can definitely take photos in that category. I can pretty much do all types of photo except travel, exotic animals, landscape, etc.

If you have any more questions, comments, concerns, please contact me! :slight_smile:

Thank you.