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Professional Gigs for Cheap Prices

I do these gigs professionally and I offer extremely low prices compared to other sellers

I will help you pick out PC parts for your new computer

I will test your website UI and UX design

I will write a paragraph for your article, website, or product

I will professionally proofread and edit your text

If you require any of these services, feel free to order some of them

P.S. If you want some of the premium packages for a cheaper price, DM me and I can offer you some cheaper prices. Tell me that you came from this forum and we can definitely make something work!


I’m interested. Why are you so proud of being cheap and offering low prices?

You’re openly saying your prices are ‘extremely low compared to other sellers’.

You’re even saying hey, haggle with me and I’ll be even cheaper still.

Whatever happened to selling yourself on experience and asking a price to match?

Why do so many sellers simply feel the need to be ‘cheap’?

Just putting it out there. I’m interested in quality and experience Price is secondary.


Well, I’m trying to get lower prices to attract more customers. I’m hoping by offering a cheaper price compared to other sellers, but still offering similar or even better quality services will bring in more customers. But currently, I guess it’s not working… :pensive: