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Professional illustrator trying hard to find his first order

Yea, I know. Getting first work is too hard.
Since I’ve created account in 2017, I hesitate to put my first gig. But this week I created three gigs back to back.
See one sample gig here:
Expecting your feedback.
Thank you

Stay with confidence don’t left behind.

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Yes, I’m trying to.
Thanks for your kind words

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Patient is the key to have your first order. Don’t give up. try buyer requests as much as possible with minimal budget as you can. definitely you gonna get your first order soon.

Welcome to FIVERR and good luck to your business!

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Thank you, but i can’t find any buyer request.
Is it because of using mobile app instead of web browser?

Maybe, try website. also there may be no any buyer requests falling into category which you are providing service with. :frowning:

Currently I’m having 1402 requests! :flushed:


May be, it’s category thing as you said. Even I checked in browser there is no change.

Hmmm… then you have to wait until buyers reach you. but don’t give up. view the buyer requests section every day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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