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Professional Liability Insurance


I have professional liability insurance for my consultancy work outside of Fiverr.

I am in the process of shutting down that consultancy work to do something completely different with my time that won’t have a need for professional liability insurance. When that happens, Fiverr will be my only ‘professional’ income. So my question is will I still need professional liability insurance for Fiverr work?

I’m guessing not, given the number of buyers who come on here complaining that a seller has destroyed their website.


I suppose not. Pretty sure only 0.001% of seller population has it.

Fiverr acts as a mediator, and thus already states, that the work has NO GURANTEE from them, nor they are the GUARANTOR of the work.

So client takes complete responsibility of liability when ordering services via this platform.

You can also ensure that you include in your gigs or gig description a disclaimer regarding liability.

Since your consultancy work involved direct dealing with people, you need it, but not in this case. Your money would be well spent elsewhere.


This was my thought process too. It seems such a big step to get rid of the liability insurance though!


Well if your PLI rate changes once you cancel and again decide to purchase it later, then you may want to consider keeping it for a couple of months extra to see whether it was needed (for your peace of mind).

But if the rate does NOT go down, due to lapse in coverage. Then you could cancel it and purchase it down the road if you have the need to.