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Professional life coach

Hello My name is lady Ralure I am based in Ohio and have 12 years of experience as a professional life coach specializing in a number of areas such as relationship advice wether its love or just wanting a listening ear on what you should or shouldn’t do in certain situations. I offer prayer and motivational speeches, spiritual healing advice, all natural plant based eating habits and step by step meal plans along with personal growth and daily living advice.

I am vary passionate about what I do and always speak to my clients from the heart and not just what I think they want to hear. I am vary confident in what I do and with me being in a healthy long term relationship myself I have the experience to speak to others and give my honest option and advice for them to be successful in there same aspects of life. I feel if I have the key to these certain areas in life where I have been so successful, why not share them with others so that they could incorporate the same things in their daily lives and that right there alone is my main goal to bring health and happiness to all who would like to receive.

All orders will be answered through FaceTime or phone call within 24 hrs of me receiving them and will last for a duration of one hour sessions.

Trust the process and give Lady Ralure a shot at your future success!

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