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Am a Professional Logo designer and joined Fiverr few days back. I would like to ask a question and really want someone to help me out…

How can I add more of my logo designs to my gig? I have more than 10 designs I would like to display but noticed I cant display more than two… Can someone help me out?



Hi Lennard

Thanks for responding… yea I ve added 3 logo designs to it. Are you saying as I deliver my gigs to my buyers, then my actual works will be added automatically or I need to upload the designs myself.



Hi Arnevb

Thanks for your concern. Pls how will I activate the LP (Live Portfolio).




Hi Samuel, after you have attached the first logo, there should be an add more files button. You should be able to add at least 3 this way.

Also as you deliver more gigs, your actual work is added to your portfolio, so stick with it and it’ll grow over time.



Thanks Arnevb is active now…


Ok Arnevb…

Thanks a million times.